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We have some awesome activities

Canoe Rides

Enjoy an early morning canoe down the river. The Umngazana River hosts one of the largest Red Mangrove rich in birdlife. Soak up the sun as you explore this magnificent estuary and creeks.


Our coastline is secluded and abundant in marine life. There are many large rock pools with tropical fish so snorkelling is a must.

Hiking Trails

Silaka nature reserve is on our doorstep. We have tour guides available on request. There are fantastic trails in this historic region for the beginner or more experienced hiker.

Cultural Events

We have a variety of cultural themed events which range from traditional dancers to meeting the local Sangoma, a traditional doctor. Get in on the fun as you dance and sing the South African way.

4 x 4 Experience

If you would like to experience the thrills of our 4×4 route do not miss out. This is most enjoyed as a corporate teambuilding experience. We use a private 4×4 instructor on a personal track. Contact us for more info.